Picking a Venue

An event that features local crafters, collectors and artisans can end up not just fun for the local community, but also potentially lucrative. However, this will often depend on the choice of venue. There are several crucial things to bear in mind when considering where to host the event.

Open Air or Indoors

Whether the event takes place indoors or outdoors will affect the type of venue that is needed. Open-air market events are perfect places for crafters and collectors to sell their products. However, it is not always the best option, especially if the weather makes an outdoor venue impossible. Interior sites can shelter customers, sellers and their wares from the elements. The main downside is that it can limit the overall capacity and, therefore, potential profits.

Parking for Both Customers and Sellers

It is not just the venue itself that needs to be considered. The amount of surrounding parking space is also significant. There needs to be enough for the cars of the organizers and patrons. An excellent way to think about it is that the number of parking spaces will dictate the amount of sales. It is also worth finding a venue that can be accessed easily via public transport, as not everyone will be driving there.

Space for Each Stall

The organizer will need to know how many crafters and collectors need their own stalls and how large these need to be. Usually, each seller is allocated the same sized stall. However, some collectors may need considerably more space, depending on the nature of their collection. Organizers should communicate with each seller to understand how much space they need. They will then have to find a venue that is large enough for everyone.

Insurance Considerations

It is the legal obligation of the organizer to ensure that they have all insurance issues sorted. Otherwise, they may be liable for damages if things end up going wrong. Sometimes the owners of the venue will already have the relevant insurance. Other times the organizer has to ensure the event itself. This can be a complicated process and will vary depending on the size and type of event being held.

Property Hire Charge

Each organizer will be working with their own unique budget. It is vital that they do not run over this budget when hiring the venue. If the main goal is to make a profit, they should also weigh up if the property hire’s price is worth it. The site needs to be cost-effective enough while still being good enough to hold the event. Striking a balance between costs and venue is difficult but a crucial part of running a successful local community initiative.

Fit for the Specific Purpose

Finally, the venue needs to have all the elements necessary to hold the specific event that the organizer is creating. Each initiative is different and has unique aspects that need to be considered. For this reason, there is no such thing as a venue perfect for every kind of event.