Local Initiatives And Betting

Community-led initiatives such as markets and workshops are ideal for promoting local crafters, collectors and artisans. Interestingly, the act of gambling can play a key role in this. Betting as both an activity and an industry may be linked to local initiatives in several ways.

Making Crafts Based On Gambling Iconography

Crafters can sometimes struggle to come up with a concept when designing new products. They could make ones that have imagery modelled around the act of gambling. This could include visual elements that reference racehorses, roulette wheels, card tables and so much more. There is a huge amount of possibilities when it comes to using gambling as a theme for crafting. If everyone at the event does this as well it can create an added sense of consistency.

Creating Betting Industry Products

Crafters do not have to just use gambling as a visual element. They could also make products specifically for the act of gambling. This could include bespoke playing cards. A customer may commission the artist to base the faces of the kings, queens and jacks on themselves. Crafters could also make notebooks specifically for the purpose of recording gambling odds. When making these kinds of products, the designers are limited only by their imagination.

Selling Betting Collectables

Other times the market will be a place to sell and buy collectables that come from the gambling industry. These tend to be antiques that are rare to find. They could also be items associated with celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, who frequented casinos often. Other times they are props from movies set in casinos. A surprisingly high number of films have been based in gambling establishments over the years. Good examples are Casino, The Godfather, Rain Man, Vegas Vacation and Casino Royale.

Online Gambling During Breaks

Crafters, collectors and artisans who take part in local initiatives will find that there will be lags throughout the day. Waiting for customers can be a boring experience, especially if they have nothing to do. One option is to play on an online betting service such as Unibet so that the time ends up flying by. Thanks to smartphone tech people can now access betting sites practically anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. Betting responsibly can be a fun hobby to engage in during the downtime.

Integrating Betting Into Initiatives

Another option is to actually have the act of gambling to be a part of the event. Often local attractions will have at least some form of gambling for visitors to enjoy. These tend to be fairly lighthearted and not very serious in nature. Examples can include “guess the weight”, rubber duck races, lucky dips, raffles and bingo. It is a good way of generating more revenue rather than relying solely on selling products.

Getting Sponsors From Betting Companies

Funding is sometimes an issue for people who want to get a local initiative past the planning stage. This is especially true if the event is fairly ambitious. To get the necessary funding it is worth looking for a sponsor. The betting industry is thriving and companies of this type often have excess funds to spend. They can provide the money for local initiatives in return for their brand to be advertised during the event. It is a perfect way to ensure the initiative is as well funded as possible.

Gambling Industry Employee Volunteers

Sometimes the sponsors will not just stop at providing the money for events. People who work for the company could also volunteer their time and help. This will mean that strong bonds form between members of the initiative and employees from the gambling industry. It also ensures that local organisers are not overwhelmed during the event. They can delegate certain responsibilities to the volunteers, easing the pressure a bit.


All of these reasons show how gambling and local initiatives can be linked. The two elements gel together very well in ways readers may not have expected.